Deaf Community of Cape Town celebrating its 25th anniversary

The Deaf Community of Cape Town (DCCT) is celebrating 25 years of supporting the Deaf culture, offering education and being the central meeting point for Deaf in the Cape Town area. The party will be on the 15th of September at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

DCCT was founded in 1987 originally to serve the needs of the black and coloured Deaf community in the Western Cape. Currently DCCT’s goal is to employ and empower Deaf people and to provide skill training in order to improve employment among the Deaf.

Without DCCT, the SignSupport concept wouldn’t ever be conceived. Its members have been actively volunteering as testers, co-designers and patiently participating in usability tests.

Congratulations to all the hard working people at DCCT. I wish you many more successful and fun years!

Birthday Cake

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